Pferdestärke (PS) to kW Converter


Please type in the Pferdestärke (or horsepower) value to get the result in kilowatt (kW) or type in the kilowatt value to get the result in Pferdestärke (or horsepower) value. There are a few different ways to calculate Pferdestärke (or horsepower). This Pferdestärke calculator gives the results in metric standard that is in use in continental Europe and in Asia.

In the United States instead of metric horsepower, mechanical horsepower is in use. Mechanical horsepower is calculated using pounds and feet and that's why there is a slight difference in the kilowatt value between mechanical and metric horsepower.

In England and in Canada both metric and mechanical horsepower is in use. The same thing applies with Africa and Latin America.

Horsepower kW Value Difference between Continents

Horsepower kW value in cars is different across countries and continents. The difference is not much but it is notable and it is caused by the different way of calculating horsepower. Some countries use pounds and feet and some kilograms and meters. This is the reason of slightly different watt amount on metric horsepower and on mechanical horsepower (or imperial horsepower).

Pferdestärke (or metric horsepower) is approximately 735.5 watts

  • In use in Europe and Asia
  • Canada use both metric and mechanical horsepower
  • Africa and Latin America use both metric and mechanical horsepower

Mechanical horsepower (or imperial horsepower) is approximately 745.7 watts

  • In use in the United States
  • In use in Great Britain